One bourbon, one scotch, one beer…

George Thorogood’s song seems to me to be a recipe for disaster. As my 21st birthday approaches, I’m going to the bars at midnight, I have been thinking a lot about alcohol. For one thing, I know Mr. Thorogood should be okay as long as he doesn’t have beer before liqour, but mixing your liqours isn’t supposed to be conducive to good health either.

Just the other night my roommate and a friend and I watched the movie Easy A, which I obnoxiously quote pretty much daily. One of my favorite parts of the movie, which sadly resembles me when put in stressful situations, is where Emma Stone’s character, Olive, is on a date and starts rambling about lobster and different kinds of aphrodisiacs.


In case you didn’t know, an aphrodisiac, according to the google dictionary,  is a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire, or a thing that causes excitement. As a college student, I have seen and heard many a story of how alcohol has led to romantic encounters, some celebrated, some regretted.

According to College Drinking, their survey determined that of college age students, 18 to 24, 400,00 had unprotected sex and 100,000 of those reported to have been too intoxicated to know if they gave consent. Yee-sh. We’ve all heard of the term beer-goggles(too much alcohol making people more attractive), we’ve heard that alcohol can make some people more outgoing, and I’m sure we’ve all heard countless stories of people who have been very drunk and have done VERY stupid things.

My argument here, is that perhaps alcohol is a kind of aphrodisiac. It blinds us, by impairing our sight, to our normal judgements and lets us be free to make decisions we wouldn’t normally make. I’m not saying this is a good thing, but it makes sense if you are a fan of any kind of mythology. The word Aphrodisiac comes from the greek goddess Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love. And alcohol is normally always in the hand of the greek god Dionysus, who also represents chaos.

Botticelli's birth of Venus, also know as Aphrodite

Love isn’t logical, and it isn’t easy. As Shakespeare said, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” Urban dictionary even defines the term “love drunk” as “when someone is completely in love” or “when you’re into someone”. Love and alcohol have a heavy, heady, past and I think before you drink, whether its for a birthday or any other event, you should think about the history that love and alcohol play in your past. After all, if one ignores history, one often repeats their own mistakes.




December 14, 2011. Every day life.

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