Hot Summer in the City

…of Bloomington, that is. I’m not talking about the hot-stickiness of a humid mid-western summer, where the heat is oppressive and even the loud whirring of my over-taxed AC is welcome. I’m referring more to the “It’s getting hot in here,” lyrics of Nelly’s oh-so-popular song from my youth…minus the taking off all of your clothes part. Summer is always the hottest time of the year, but this summer I’m going to be dedicating myself to writing about a new hot trend: the Cheesy and sometimes awkward Romance Novel. With books like Fifty Shades of Grey hitting number one on the New York Times Bestseller list and being mentioned in articles, like the one in the June issue of Glamour, society is embracing the romance novel. And what better way is there to feel hot….even when you’re in an air conditioned apartment, or inside at your desk at work. So, for the entirety of the summer I will be reading romance novels and commenting on their common themes here. I’ll be talking about what I love, what I hate, what I find absolutely ridiculous, and if possible, what I find moving  or emotionally trying. Stay tuned for perplexed posts and other cliches involving the word hot, from songs, movies, or my brian: Some like it hot, hot-wired, hot-rod, etc. I hope we can ride the heat wave together while keeping our cool. Until next time, stay excellent.


May 8, 2012. Every day life.

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